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Walk to the fairytale Parc Guell in Barcelona

It is one of the most impressive parks in the world and is located in the center of Barcelona, ​​on the Carmel hill, in the Gracia region.

Guell Park was built by Eusebi Güell with the aim of creating an elegant park for the city’s aristocracy to frequent.

The park is decorated by the famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi – his works are the church of Sagrada familia and the whimsical house Casa Batllo.

At the entrance of the park there is a fountain in the form of a lizard or a dragon as many believe. There you will find a lot of people trying to take a picture next to the impressive colored fountain.

Further on, there is a passage full of stone pillars that look like tree trunks sprouting from the ground.

High in the park there is a large opening, like a terrace, with seats decorated with colorful mosaics.

The view is truly magnificent towards the city of Barcelona.

The highest point, however, is a small stone hill with 3 crosses, called “Calvari”.

Two of them point to the horizon and the other to the sky. At that point Gaudi wanted to build a small church but they found some prehistoric ruins and so he could not.

In the park there is also a house where Gaudi lived for a while and now it is a museum with furniture made by him. The ticket costs € 5.50.

The park is truly one of the most beautiful attractions in Barcelona, ​​an ideal place for a cool breakfast or afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Gaudi’s style with the use of colorful mosaics in various parts of the park and the impressive buildings compose a fairytale landscape.

To get to the park one needs a little walking and climbing, but the good thing is that they have put escalators and so the climb is quite easy. The nearest metro station is called “Lesseps” and from there in about 15-20 minutes you reach the park – it always has signs that show the way.

Alternatively you can take the buses 24 – 31 – 32 – H6 – 92- Bus del barri 112 that leave closer.

Hours and tickets
The park is open daily from 8:30 to 8-9 in the summer and until 6 in the winter. The ticket costs 8 euros (children up to 6 years old free and 7-12 years old 4.65 euros)


* Make sure you have enough time to enjoy your walk there. Early in the morning is considered a better time because it will not be full of tourists yet. Also comfortable shoes are essential.

* Dogs are allowed, so do not be surprised if a dog passes by you with its owner who has gone for a walk or even a run in the park.

* Around the park there are small cafes and shops selling beautiful souvenirs – such as replicas of the colorful lizard and many other items with the colors of the park mosaics!

Take a look at the prices because they differ from store to store!

* Pay attention to your personal belongings …. there are thieves who empty bags and pockets while visitors are enchanted by the beauty of the park.

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