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Visit to the springs of Kallithea Rhodes

The Sources of Kallithea are located in the Municipality of Kallithea and are just 9 km from the city of Rhodes. The unique combination of nature, architecture and history travels in a special cinematic setting.

The incomparable monumental architecture and grandeur of the space, with the unique mosaics, the Rotunda room where the thermal waters once gushed, the Atrium and every corner of Kallithea Springs remind us nostalgically of another era.

Scenes from the unforgettable films have been shot in Piges Kallithea: oh“Escape to Athens” – 1978, “Alexis Zorbas” – 1964, “The cannons of Navarone” – 1964, The bait” – 1964.

The inauguration of the facilities of Kallithea was made by the Italians with all formality on July 1, 1929 and was a pole of attraction for many patients as well as scientists from all over the world.

The setting was set in every detail and the facilities were grand, remarkable and expensive. With the waterfront – built to approach boats and tourist boats, the naturalness of the landscape with the rocks and the caves was saved while the rest of the facilities were built on three levels.

From the main entrance, which is really majestic, the visitor continues to a square with a round fountain and the stairs that follow the slope of the ground. The second entrance, which leads to the main staircase, is covered on the right and left with columns that supported the pergola, full of bougainvilleas.

Then the staircase leads to the peristyle, right and left to circular installations – where the workshops and offices were located – and continues with stairs leading again from left and right to the main Rotunda with a 14 meter high dome, intricately decorated and constructed so that the natural light passing through the blue rhombic stained glass.

From the peristyle three arches lead to the Stoa of the Refreshment Room of the healing waters. Towards the waterfront the caves were formed to house the refreshment room and rest areas while directly opposite is the dance floor and the location of the orchestra.

All the exterior walls were decorated with marine motifs and the cove on the right on all levels was covered with small alleys – with trees of all kinds and pergolas leading to the magnificent circular building-garden.

In summer, the small beach with crystal clear waters is full of people enjoying their swim in this beautiful place.

It is a very beautiful place for a walk during the day but also in the evening when the place is very well lit.

The cafe that operates there from morning until late at night offers a very comfortable place for the visitor to admire the natural landscape but also one of the impressive sweets from the menu! Our chocolate pie was unforgettable!

The entrance costs 3 € for the adults, 2 € for teenagers and free for children up to 12 years old. From May until the end of October they are open from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening and the rest of the months until 5 in the afternoon.

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