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Visit to the aquarium of Crete CRETAquarium

CRETAquarium is the largest water park in Greece. It consists of 60 aquariums of various sizes where more than 2000 marine species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean live.

The tanks are divided into sections and are really very impressive for young and old!

In the first section of the route, low lighting conditions prevail and among other things you will see snails, red corals, crayfish, skates, snails, scorpions and much more!

Next are the aquariums with fish, loggerhead turtles, octopuses and stunning sharks of the open Mediterranean Sea.

Following is the section on coastal habitats and a presentation of the most productive ecosystems in the world.

The sea anemones are impressive and while they look like plants, they are among the animals!

In the open shallow tanks, you will observe jellyfish, rounds, while at the same time you will learn the secrets of construction and operation of the tanks.

The last section is dedicated to tropical species, with clown fish like the famous Nemo stealing the show!

The Cretaquarium also carries out educational programs with a strong experiential character, which are addressed to all classes of Primary and Secondary Education with the content being adapted to the level of the students’ grade.

Virtual reality
This is a unique experience, in the specially designed room of the aquarium! Wearing the special glasses, you are transported to the world and the magic of the seabed, where you meet countless fish, whales, large manta ray skates, a huge herd of phosphorescent jellyfish on a coral reef!

How are you going?

Nearby from the CRETAquarium, there is a bus stop which serves itineraries from Heraklion as well as from the wider area of ​​Malia-Hersonissos.


The aquarium is open all days of the year, even on holidays!

1/11 – 31/3 9:30 – 4:00

1/4 – 31/10 9:30 – 7:00


General admission 10 euros for the summer season and 6 euros for the winter.

Children up to 4 years old enter for free, while 5-17 years old at 6 euros. The same price applies to those over 65, for large families, the unemployed and students.

Thalassea café-restaurant is on site, with a nice terrace overlooking the sea.

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