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Travel Tips: Christmas in Budapest

Favorite destination for the whole year, as it combines beautiful landscapes with quite good prices, Budapest is even more beautiful at Christmas.

The main point of Christmas Budapest is Vörösmarty square in the heart of the city at the end of Váci utca.
A Christmas market is set up there, with 122 stalls of handmade products and food. The market is open daily from morning until afternoon, until the New Year.

There you will make a gastronomic trip to all the traditional flavors of Hungary. It is worth trying stuffed cabbage, strudel, grilled sausages and meats and Christmas cookies.

The kürtös kalác stand out, which are leaf sweets, in a cylindrical shape, originating from Transylvania. They are served with various toppings, such as sugar, nuts, coconut and chocolate.

Delicious and special lángos, fried dough with bacon and sour sauce. For something less oily try them töki pompos baked in the oven.

Around the statue Vörösmarty, there are “open kitchens” that show how to make strudel and kurtow kalac.

In addition to the Christmas market, in the square there are daily musical performances in two stages from 5 to 8 at night, with traditional music, jazz, concerts. On weekend mornings there are puppet shows for children. It also works for children Varázskert (magic garden) in the center of the square. Santa Claus visits the square on December 6, handing out presents to the children.

In the square you will find the oldest cafe-candy store of the city, the famous Cafe Gerbeaud. Founded in 1858 to the standards of its “cafes” Βιέννης and his Paris.

A tall Christmas tree decorates her Deák Ferenc utca. Right next to the store Picanter deli has delicious food and a great variety of cheeses, sausages and salami as well kürtös kalács and products mangalica from Hungarian pork. The adjacent street is full of shops and is called the street of fashion.

In front of the basilica of Agios Stefanos, there is a tree with a height of 8 meters and a small market with a variety of gifts.

Ice Rink in Central Park Varosliget of the city: It is a huge ice rink and the Christmas atmosphere there is enchanting.

The lake in front of the castle Vajdahunyad turns into a huge skating rink from mid-November to mid-February.

Unforgettable experience is the Danube cruise. You can book your Christmas Eve cruise at 7pm. A wonderful cruise with buffet and live music! Given that most restaurants in Budapest are closed on Christmas Eve the cruise is a very good choice. The price is 40 euros per person. See all cruises here.

For the lovers of classical music, the Christmas concert takes place in the neo-baroque building Duna Palota- the palace of the Danube. Includes 2 45 minute concerts especially for Christmas day. For tickets see here.
Even the trams wear their festive clothes and give the city a happy festive note! From the beginning of December until the 6th of January – from the afternoon mainly – some trams are for Christmas. The ticket is the same, the Budapest card which includes MMM travel and many discounts and free sightseeing.

In Hungary it is believed that the baby Jesus brings the gifts and not Santa Claus. The arrival of Santa Claus is celebrated on December 6, the day of St. Nicholas.

At midnight on 12/24 most go to the service, where the sounds of the instrument and the smell of pine dominate the atmosphere of the churches. Classic Christmas carols are sung there. For the next two days, friends and relatives visit each other, eating Christmas food and sweets.


* The weather in Budapest at Christmas is definitely very cold! Chances are it will always snow. With warm clothes and accessories you will be fine!

* Transportation is more sparse on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day.

* Museums are also closed, as are many restaurants. Do not worry though, your hotel will definitely have food.

* Hotels are quite economical and we refer to hotels even 5 * in the city center. See them all

* Buy it Budapest Card which includes travel with MMM, free guided tours and significant discounts.

* You will find guided tours, excursions and much more here.

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