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Travel Tips: Autumn getaway to Hydra

Hydra is a favorite destination for Autumn as the coolness allows visitors to enjoy the streets of the island.

It is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece and what makes it ideal for short excursions is the close distance to Athens.

The main characteristic of the island is
that there are no wheeled vehicles and the movements are done only with the donkeys, a fact that makes Hydra even more picturesque.

Arriving at the port, the city looks like a painting. Houses, built amphitheatrically, with gray stones, white and blue details stand out with excellent architecture and aesthetics.

The night view is very beautiful, although the beauty of the island is best seen with the sun or for the more romantic and melancholic with the cloudy.

At the entrance of the port are the Bastions with cannons, who protected Hydra. There you will see the statue of Miaoulis, below the Port Authority housed in the old, stone-built gunpowder depot.

Next to the marble building is the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra. followed by the famous School of Merchant Mariners.

About in the middle of the coastal road is the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin, a basilica with a dome and two marble bell towers, built in the middle of 17ου century. In some of the buildings of the Monastery is housed today the City Hall and in the old cells, a small Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Museum.

In front of the Monastery there is Pavlos Koundouriotis Square, with the statue of the Greek politician In the center.

Right from Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin begins an uphill road that leads to the interior of the city. There you will meet the Mansion of Lazaros Koundouriotis, built in the late 18thου century and today functions as a branch of the National History Museum.

Hydra is very popular with those who have an appetite for scenic walks. You can walk on the waterfront, where the heart of the city beats, admire the old mansions and visit the museums of Hydra.

You can also climb the narrow, picturesque streets and find yourself in the oldest district of the city, in the medieval fortified settlement of Kiafa and from there enjoy the view that reaches the Peloponnese.

For swimming near the center, you can go to the rocks of Spilia, Hydroneta and a short distance to Avlaki, Kamini and the cosmopolitan Mandraki. The connection of the city with the other beautiful beaches of the island, Vlychos, Agios Nikolas, Bisti, etc., is done only by sea taxi.

Every day flying dolphins depart from the port of Piraeus to Hydra, the journey takes an hour and a half. Alternatively you can drive to Metochi (half an hour beyond Galatas, where you can leave your car and cross to Hydra by boat or sea taxi, in about 10 minutes. In our opinion the best way is the dolphin, since it does not need and there is no car on the island.


* Comfortable shoes because most places are paved and uphill if you want to explore the island.

* Try the macaroons.

* If you have the courage to go up to the Kiafa area, it is very beautiful with a unique view.

* Summer is usually very hot on the island. Better to go in spring or autumn.

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