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Tour of the castle of Naxos

It is located at the highest point of Naxos Town, built there to be away from the sea, for protection reasons.

Visitors enter from “Paraporti” the main gate of the castle and suddenly turn back in time!

Quiet, narrow streets, mansions with inner courtyards full of flowers and coats of arms in the windows, wonderful architecture that fascinates every visitor!

The Della Rocca Barozzi tower stands out, an old mansion that today functions as a Venetian and Folklore museum with old furniture and heirlooms. From time to time it hosts various exhibitions of contemporary art.

Right next door is the only one of the 12 medieval towers that once existed in the castle and is called the Crispi Tower or the tower of Glezos and functions as a Byzantine museum.

A little further down, there is an impressive medieval building with a marble floor and coats of arms, the Diocese of the Catholics.

Behind the church there is another church, Panagia Theoskepasti, which is probably the oldest surviving monument in the castle. The church has two aisles, one aisle belongs to the Virgin Mary and the other to Ag. Anastasia the Pharmacist.

Going higher, we meet the archaeological museum of Naxos, which is really worth visiting. It is housed in a five-storey old mansion that was once a commercial school, where N. Kazantzakis studied for a year. Its exhibits date from the modern Neolithic era (4,000 BC) until the 6th century AD.

Directly opposite the museum is the Ursuline School and Monastery that has been operating since 1739 and today functions as the cultural center of the Catholic Archdiocese.

Walking to the castle you will find many more churches and impressive buildings. Make sure you have enough time to do your tour comfortably.

It is best to get up early in the morning – to avoid the intense heat and visit a museum or late afternoon to be more cool.

Now you can go up to the castle by elevator. The elevator, with a capacity of 12 people, transports visitors from the east side of the Castle, in the area of ​​Agia Kyriaki to the top of the Castle (next to the Archaeological Museum). Its entrance is located on Agiou Martinou Street (Agia Kyriaki), while a person from the Archdiocese accompanies the visitors inside the elevator. The price for its use is € 0.50.

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