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Top 10 Ljubljana Attractions

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is a beautiful city full of greenery worth visiting. Here are its 10 best attractions:

1. The castle

Medieval castle, whose history dates back to the 9th century, built on a hill. It is connected to the old town by cable car. It offers stunning views over the city and if the weather is good, the visibility reaches as far as the Alps.

2. The old town

Special architecture with baroque, neoclassical and Art Nouveau buildings, beautiful squares full of cafes and restaurants.

3. The bridge Tromostovje

These are essentially three bridges next to each other, designed by the famous Slovenian architect Joče Plečnik.

4. Tivoli Park

The largest and most beautiful park in the city center. It has been operating since 1813 and is full of lush trees, colorful flowers and many statues. It often hosts music events.

5. The dragon bridge Zmajski Most

A bridge that crosses the river Ljubljanica with 33 meters length and year of creation in 1900. At its ends are 4 dragons in total. There is a legend that Jason discovered Ljubljana and together with his argonauts, killed a dragon!

6. Preseren Square

The main square of the city is full of people since it is a meeting point. Dominates the statue of the Slovenian poet Franz Proseren, whose poem is the national anthem of the country. The church of the Franciscans is impressive with its special facade.

7. The cathedral

The church of Ag. Nikolaou is located in the square Ciril-Metodov and stands out with the green dome and the two turrets.

The interior of the temple is very impressive!

8. Mestni Square

There is the town hall. The original building was built in 1484 in Baroque style, but was later renovated.

The most famous baroque monument in the city is located at the edge of the square and is the Robba Fountain, whose design is based on the fountains of Venice.

9. Nebotičnik

It is a 13-storey skyscraper with a height of 70 meters. On the last 3 floors there is an observatory, cafe and bar, overlooking the whole city.

10. The museum of optical illusion

A very impressive museum, loved by young and old! It includes rooms with funny and unique optical illusions that really impress. You will find more information here.

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