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The underground fortress of Luxembourg

Go back in time and walk through a network of many levels at the basement fortress in the center of Luxembourg. Known as Casemates Bock, this underground shelter is really special and impressive.

The first underground tunnels were built in 1644, during the Spanish rule. These are underground galleries 23 km long on various levels. The most underground passage is located 40 meters below the earth’s surface. Impressive defense system, which makes Luxembourg the “North Gibraltar”.

Part of the fortress has been destroyed but remains 17 km and in fact in very good condition. It has been open to the public since 1933. In 1994 Unesco included it in the list of world cultural monuments.

We who visited the underground fort, were impressed by its length and we recommend it to you because it is something special that really takes you back in time. It reminds me of a little maze but do not be afraid, you will not get lost!

There are signs and arrows everywhere that indicate the right direction and exit. On the glades of the fortress – like small balconies – visitors have beautiful views of the city walls and bridges.

Each point of the fort was a different room for a specific purpose. That is, there were rooms where soldiers lived with their horses, kitchen, oven, workshops, etc. During the world wars they served as a shelter for about 35,000 people. In the archeological crypt you will see a video presentation that describes the history of the walls.

Hours (varies depending on the season. November to the end of February is closed)
1 / 3-31 / 3 and 1/10 – 3/11 10: 00-5: 30
1/4 – 30/9 10:00 – 8:30
7 euros and 3.50 euros for children 4-12 years old.
Free with the Luxembourg Card tourist card


* Comfortable clothes and non-slip shoes are essential.

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