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The largest suspension footbridge in the world

It is called Charles Kuonen Hängebrücke and is the largest suspension footbridge in the world. Located in county Randa in canton Valais of Switzerland.

It has a length of 494 meters at a height of 85 meters from the ground. It consists of 8 tons of cables! It is part of the Europaweg, a climbing trail between the villages of Zermatt and Grachen.

The view is truly magnificent and the whole experience is unique!

To get there, one has to walk about 2 hours from the path. So not everyone can easily walk and you should definitely be provided with water and wear comfortable walking shoes.

How are you going?

The village of Randa is very picturesque and even offers overnight. See the hotels here. See the hotels here.

Alternatively you can stay in neighboring Zermatt with the famous Alps mountain, Matterhorn. View all hotels here.

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