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Manta Resort- A separate room for rent in the sea!

A brand new underwater hotel room opened a few days ago. Belongs to Manta Resort and is located off the coast of Tanzania, on the island of Pemba, in Zanzibar. If you want to sleep with the fish …. it is the ideal destination!
This room is 250 sqm from the coast and consists of three floors. The top floor is above the sea and is a place of relaxation and sunbathing.

At the height of the sea is the toilet and the living room, while below and in the seabed is the bedroom, at a depth of four meters.

During the night, small lights under the windows attract squid and octopuses, making the spectacle unique.
Its price is of course steep, at around $ 1500 a night. This is one of the strangest, most original and beautiful places one can spend the night.
The island is generally very popular for its rich and colorful underwater life and attracts many tourists who are interested in diving.

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