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Guided tour of the tourist resort San Sebastian

The San Sebastian is a seaside town in northern Spain, in the Basque Country, just 20 km from the French border.

It is a very picturesque city with wonderful beaches, a tourist port and an organized resort, known for its fishing and gastronomy.

It is a favorite destination of Spaniards as well as French – since they are so close – and has a lot of tourist traffic every summer.

The well-known and international film festival is organized in September, which is attended by many famous actors.

The main beach, La Concha, has a length of 1.5 km with sand and wonderful views. It is the most photographed beach in the area!

As can be seen from the photo, the beach is long too!

The beach is not organized, everyone puts their umbrella or sunbed and sits where they want. In short, it has not been exploited for tourism as it is unfortunately done in many beaches in Greece.

As you can see …. it is very crowded!

There are many hotels and restaurants along the beach. It is the city that has the most restaurants and tapas bars per sq.m. from anywhere else in the world! You will find many shops serving tapas (in Basque they are called pintxos) – these are different types of appetizers usually served on toast or on sticks.

The city center is full of beautiful traditional buildings and churches.

San Telmo Museum: Archaeological exhibits, ethnography, fine arts and much more. Its building is very impressive, and is located in the old town.
Eureka! Science: Science Museum where visitors experiment!
Naval Naval Museum: Located in the port and guides visitors to the maritime life of the area.
Fish tank: It is located on the edge of the harbor and is something that children will definitely love. It has aquariums with more than 200 species of fish in the area but what definitely impresses is the tunnel with tropical fish.

Visit Syntagma Square, which hosted the town hall until 1940. The balconies in the colored buildings around the square have numbers that show that bullfights once took place in the square!

Today the square is full of life with many tapas bars and a reference point in the events of the city since there begins the celebration “San Sebastian¨ on January 20 and the festival Santo Tomas on December 21.

Many wealthy Spaniards, as well as the royal family, have summer residences in San Sebastian.

The climate is oceanic, which means warm but not hot Summer and cool but not icy winter.

The city has many shops, in fact if you go there in August you will find significant discounts on clothes and especially on shoes.

You can explore the area

By foot, as long as you have one map. The distances are not long if you want to see the city center and the beach. (That’s what we did too!)
Climb the green Monte Igeldo hill with the cable car
– Take a 40 minute walk with it καταμαράν and see the view of the city from the sea.

– Go with it boat on the opposite small island of Santa Clara

How are you going?

San Sebastian is connected by bus and train to the major cities of northern Spain: Bilbao (100 km), Vittoria (100 km), Pamplona (82 km). We went from Bilbao for a day trip by bus – it takes about 1 hour. The bus station is about 10-15 minutes walk from the beach. You can take a bus if you do not want to walk.

If you want to get a taste of the city, the day trip is enough. But if you want to go on a cruise, swim in the sea – it is very crowded – to go by cable car and see museums you have to spend the night. For hotels see here.

The green hill

The statue of Christ on the hill

* Be sure to try the famous tapas! You choose how much you want to get and then you choose from many different items that are ready on the counter of the store.

* Try potato bravas.

* Summer is full of tourism and hotels may be a bit expensive.

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