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Guided tour of Lugano, Switzerland

The Lugano is the largest Italian-speaking city in the canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland. Its name probably comes from the Latin word Lucus, which means forest or sacred forest, or from the Galatian locovanno “inhabitant of a lake”.

The main characteristic and natural attraction of the area is the homonymous lake with its turquoise waters.

Getting there the landscape you face is enchanting. The beautiful lake with the surrounding low mountains, picturesque streets and buildings compose a very beautiful setting.

Everything that surrounds the lake is beautifully reflected in its turquoise waters. Along the lake there is a wide road, ideal for an enjoyable walk.

At the lake guests can go on a mini cruise, rowing, skiing and sailing and enjoy the magic of the waters and the wonderful landscape.

Take a tour of the city and discover its beautiful corners. Many beautiful buildings, restaurants, parks, squares, alleys and landscapes are waiting for you to discover them!

It has several museums, such as art, history, natural history and more.

Perhaps the most impressive of these is Swissminiatur, an open-air museum, with the most remarkable landscapes and monuments of Switzerland in miniatures.


* Turn the beach of the lake making a wonderful and unforgettable walk and take photos with the mountains and the turquoise waters as a background.
* Sit down to eat at one of the restaurants near the lake. Ideal choice, what else … Italian pizza!

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