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Guided tour of Giethoorn, the Netherlands

A small town worth seeing and the reason is the incomparable beauty of the landscape, the endless canals and the approximately 175 wooden bridges. It is called Giethoorn and is located in the Overijssel region of the Netherlands.

In the old town there are no roads, only bike lanes, and all transportation is by boat.

It is such a quiet and different place, with simple beauty that looks like a fairy tale. It is rightly called the Venice of the Netherlands!

Without cars and with the presence of water and nature so strongly, that the landscape is simply unique.

The loudest sound you can hear is the sound of a duck or the sound of birds. Some houses are accessible only by water that even the postman uses a boat.

Boating is a popular tourist attraction for many years, as 90km long canals are available! You can paddle yourself, rent a motor boat or even better take an organized 1 hour cruise with a boat with awning and heating. The boats depart every hour from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The trails are ideal for walking or cycling and there are many cafes and restaurants along the way.

The best time to go is spring when the flowers are in bloom.

In winter, however, the landscape is completely different and instead of boating you will probably skate in the icy waters of the canals!

How are you going?

The city is 122 km from Amsterdam. You can take the train from Amsterdam Zuid Station to Steenwijk. Trains depart every hour and the journey time is 1.5 hours. Then take the bus to Geethoorn, another 15 minutes, only bus every two hours! You have to organize your trip very well so that you do not have to wait long in Steenwijk.

Alternatively there is an organized day trip departing from a central point of Amsterdam. The trip is made with a luxury minivan and a tour guide. For prices and reservations see here.


The city has accommodation for those who want to enjoy a quiet vacation! See them all here.

It is nice to walk some of the bridges and you will definitely take amazing photos.

Cafes and restaurants on the canals. Boat rental is available almost everywhere.

Houses made from fairy tales!

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