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Excursion to Lake Balaton, near Budapest

Lake Balaton is located 135 km southwest of it Budapest. It is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of the main tourist destinations in Hungary.

The mountainous area of ​​the north bank with the forest, is known for wine production while in the plain south bank there are many tourist resorts and villas.

The main lakeside towns are Siofok, Keszthely and Balatonfured.

Siofok- The city

Sunset at Siofok

Lakeside cafe in Siofok

Keszthely- The palace


Balatonfured- The port

The area receives most tourists during the summer months, with the water temperature being around 25 ° C.

Most beaches are made of pebbles or clayey sand, as is the bottom of the lake. Some hotels have artificial beaches with extra sand.

In addition to swimming, guests can go sailing, fishing and hiking in the hills.

In winter the lake is also impressive and many people visit it for skating, sledding or fishing with a hole in the ice.


The area and the villages around the lake are connected to Budapest by train from Deli and Keleti stations. But be careful which route you will choose because there are some that stop in each village and take up to 3 hours! The express train takes 1.5 hours to Siofok.

Another way to go and see more things is with planned trip, which includes a visit to Herend, the largest porcelain factory in the world, a visit to the Abbey on the Tihany Coast, food in a good restaurant and free time in Balatonfured.

Herend- The porcelain factory

More information and booking option, you will find here.

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