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Afternoon coffee in Kanoni of Corfu

The cosmopolitan Kanoni is located south of the city of Corfu. The name of the area is due to the fortifications of the French, an integral part of a series of conquerors, who left their indelible mark on the Ionian island. There are still some cannons you can see.

Famous for Vlachopoulou’s movies and songs, Kanoni is a wonderful “balcony” overlooking Pontikonisi, the lagoon, the Monastery of Vlacherna and the airport.

In the background you can see the famous green rock, Pontikonisi. According to Homer, it was the ship of Odysseus that was petrified by the god Poseidon during the storm that washed away the shipwrecked Odysseus on the island of Phaeacus.

The view from Kanoni is magnificent, whatever time of day you go. The blue of the sea with the green and the mouse island compose a unique landscape. But the sunset is particularly impressive, as we are on a hill we can see the beautiful colors of the sun that reflect the sea and the horizon.

To reach the small square, next to the tourist kiosk, from where you will be able to enjoy the view, you will climb the hill of Analipsi.

In Kanoni is the Casino of Corfu and the airport of the island. From there you can observe the landings and take-offs of the planes, which are very common in summer. The children love the spectacle!


* Spend an afternoon in Kanoni, enjoying the magnificent view of one of the cafes in the area. Feel like Aleko Alexandrakis and Jenny Karezi in the movie “Dating in Corfu”.

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